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Unison 7 Renegade (partial)

18 April 2021

This was a life- and worldview-altering set. I wish I knew why. Sometimes it just all clicks. Not sure it quite comes across in the recording, particularly since I didn’t hit the dang button until a half an hour in or so! But just a nice crowd and fantastic vibes from the first minute through to the slightly hectic bonus 20 minutes or so I got from the DJ who went after me (the delightful Betty Ray), who ran into some tech issues. Get on the Unison list to hear about the next one!

You can also watch this on the Unison twitch channel. A bit of the audio is muted, (the labels don’t want us to buy their music!) but some total hottie rolls up and starts shaking her groove at around the 50 minute mark, our kiddo enters the chat at 1h 1m, and there are a couple epic Rocket Leauge goal replays starting at 1h 8m.

[93 Mb]



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